Posted on March 3, 2011


Within the first few shots of Wasp (2003), directed by Andrea Arnold, I got an instant feeling of the harshness of poverty. The nightgown-clad and barefooted mother, and the poorly-dressed and disheveled children immediately spoke of the lower class, even before any words were spoken. The films portrayal of it’s characters is so raw and real, that from the first minute, I knew it would be difficult to watch.

The film did a good job of bringing to light the emotions that a struggling young, single mother might feel. She wants to take the best possible care of her children, while still being able to have a life of her own. I realized that the mother in the film is probably not a lot older than I am, and already has four children to support. She obviously loves them very much and really does try her best, though leaving her kids outside a bar without food borders on abusive. In the scene where the mother lets the wasp out of the window, we can see her own frustration on not being able to fly free. However, her responsibilities do get the better of her at the end of the film.

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