The Most Beautiful Man in the World

Posted on March 20, 2011


The Most Beautiful Man in the World (2002), directed by Alicia Duffy begins like a series of snapshots of a young girl who seems to be suffering from boredom on a hot day. The short takes in the beginning immediately pull the viewer into the story, and give a sense of confusion and slight foreboding. As the girl innocently plays with her dog, we get the feeling that something isn’t quite right. The lack of spoken words give the shots an almost poetic feel, and the short cuts seem almost like verses in a poem. The atmosphere of the film is almost like the hot summer day it takes place on, and the ambiguity of the final scene leaves the viewer wondering.
We aren’t aware if the girl knows the man or if her mother knows the man or if the girl is in any sort of danger, but for some reason, the actions and expressions of the man feel almost friendly and comforting.  However, the reaction of the girl’s mother seems like he is a danger. The film ended abruptly, but satisfyingly. I thought that the man was a stranger, and he was just offering a kind and innocent smile to the girl, whose mother misinterpreted it.

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