The Man Without a Head

Posted on March 24, 2011


The Man without a Head, directed by Juan Diego Solanas (2003), features a day in the life of a man who literally does not have a head. However this seems to be a common problem in the somewhat post-apocalyptic world where he lives. Still, while lacking this important body part, Solanas allows the main character to perfectly portray emotions, particularly happiness, when he successfully asks a woman on a date to the ball. The expressions that the headless man is able to convey without facial features makes this film unique and charming.

The film, despite being a strange blend of science fiction and fantasy, is definitely a romance. The colors in the scenery make it feel like a painting or an animation, though it’s live action, and the characters are moving and very human. As the man is trying on heads, looking for the perfect fit, it felt a little disorienting and overwhelming. The story is definitely an allegory about identity and self-worth, and though the main character doesn’t seem to be quite sure of himself at times, it just proves that sometimes it takes a little while to find oneself.

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