The Red Jacket

Posted on March 25, 2011


Red Jacket by Florian Baxmeyer is another one of the films we’ve watched that has really stuck out to me. It won a Student Academy Award in 2003. Although outwardly a tragedy, it definitely was uplifting in the end. The color red was used to tie the scenes together, and the jacket itself almost became a character of its own. In many ways, this film is about loss. The father lost his son in a terrible accident, and the boy lost his family due to terrorists attacking his home and killing his parents. But in the end, they both find each other, and in a way become whole again.
Though the events in this film are improbable, they are not predictable. In the beginning, it’s difficult to see what roll the red jacket will play as time progresses. There is even a time when the viewer thinks that the boy is dead. The most interesting scenes where the ones where the red jacket was making it’s journey from the trash into the trash sorting plant, and then into the truck and finally into the arms of the young boy. This inanimate object had an almost complete narrative of it’s own.

Overall the story was touching, but maybe slightly unbelievable, though it kept me interested for the whole time. It was also difficult to believe that this was a film made by a student. The special effects and technical aspects were amazing, and the fact that there were so many actors and props like helicopters and army tanks was amazing.

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