The Lady in Waiting

Posted on March 26, 2011


Christian Taylor won a Student Academy Award in 1992 for his short film The Lady in Waiting. It was difficult to find any information on this film online, which is a shame, because I really enjoyed it. The film was about to people who are complete opposites. In the end, they each end up taking something away from the brief relationship they share. The two characters, a well-to-do British woman, and a boisterous drag queen from New York City get caught in an elevator during a blackout in the city.

Both of these characters seem to have quite a few insecurities about who they are, and at first, they judge each other quite harshly. In reality, they are both more similar then they first realize, and they end up offering advice to one another. The film is obscured by darkness for many scenes, because it takes place during a power outage, but I think this also represents the darkness in the characters lives. They spend a night opening up to one another about their past and about what scares them. When the day finally breaks the following morning, there is a great deal of clarity in the film, and in the characters lives.

This film seems to have unfortunately been lost to the internet over time, but if you can get a hold of it, I definitely recommend it. There is a great balance of humor and seriousness, and the story feels complete and well-told. Both characters learn to accept differences in life, and learn to accept whatever comes their way.

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