Posted on March 28, 2011


David Lynch’s short film Grandmother might be one of the most affecting films I have watched this semester. It was both disturbing and fascinating, and the combination of animation live action was something that I hadn’t seen often in other films. There are so many aspects of this short to talk about, but I’ll start with the themes. I have seen some of David Lynch’s other works, but this was the most downright scary. The themes of child abuse and fear were prevalent, and the grainy black and white picture of the film made it feel dark and perpetually night-like. It almost felt like there were things hiding in that darkness.

Another important point to talk about is the soundtrack. Many times, it was a single tone, or a series or noises. The guttural sounds that the boy’s parents made gave me a feeling that they were more animal than human. But the thing that made the film most disturbing was the heartwarming relationship that the boy had with grandmother that he grew from a seed. The narrative is linear, interspersed with various, surreal animations, and the characters are grotesque, but affecting. The character development of the boy is quite good, despite all the bizarre and creepy things that happen around him

Grandmother kept me watching intently for the whole 40 minutes or so that it ran, and definitely inspired and shocked me. I think that it reflects the work that Lynch will make later, but at the same time, remains distinct and should be seen.

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