Posted on March 29, 2011


The saying “a dog is man’s best-friend” has a dual meaning in the film Inja (2002).  In South Africa, a young farm worker raises a puppy. The boy loves the puppy and plays with him and takes care of him. However, the white farm owner that the boy works for teaches the dog to be cruel and vicious to black people. He beats the dog in a way that makes the dog think that the boy did it.  The boy grows up in fear of the dog but years later, the tides turn when snarling dog prevents the boy from giving the white farmer life-saving medicine.
This film portrays racism in a very interesting way. Obviously, the white farmer never had any thought that his cruelty would backfire when he taught the dog to be racist. There is no real motive behind the boss teaching the dog to terrorize black people. It seems to be purely out of his hatred for those who are different, and that hatred ends up hurting him in the end. He gives the boy the order to shoot the dog, but the movie ends before we can see what the boy’s decision is.

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