Posted on March 30, 2011


Rundown (2007), directed by Patrick Alexander, won the Student Academy Award in 2007. This movie could be classified as a thriller, as it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The film uses a lot of irony to covey the story, as a newswoman named Rachel has to report about her own hit and run car accident during her very first news broadcast. I thought that this is was a slightly disturbing but original concept, but for some reason, the film felt sort of “cheap,” almost like a one-liner. After the initial bit of action in the beginning, there wasn’t much else that could happen. The plot seemed a little outlandish, and I really had to stretch my imagination to make it work. The emotional conflict, however, is powerful, because you immediately put yourself into that situation and wonder what you would do if you were faced with that sort of problem.

Production-wise, the film is well done. The music adds to the tension of the film, and the close up shots help the viewer feel exactly what the characters are going through. A newsroom is a tense place to begin with, because of all the action that happens there, so the shots in the news room added to the excitement. The fact that we could see the expressions on Rachel’s face before we knew what she had just read on the teleprompter was a clever way of keeping the audience guessing.

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