Estes Ave

Posted on April 1, 2011


Paul Cotter’s Estes Avenue (2002) treats the viewer to a three minute view into the lives of the people who live on Estes Ave. It’s is a humorous and slightly ironic take on what happens between 11:00 and 11:03 on a Sunday, which is widely thought of as a religious day. However, almost none of the things that happened during theses minutes could be considered religious. There are a few scenes of a woman praying for her son, but that’s as far as the film goes religiously. Estes Avenue focuses on everyday people doing everyday things, with five mini-vignettes. It is a brief take on what people do behind closed doors when they think no one else can see them. These neighbors may know each other as friends, but it’s difficult to know what they’re really like unless you see them when they’re alone.
In a sense, it makes the viewer feel almost god-like, to be able to see what is happening behind these closed doors. Maybe it could be symbolic of how god might be watching these people do their things on what is supposedly a holy day.

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