Das Rad

Posted on April 2, 2011


Das Rad (2003), which is German for “the rocks” interestingly portrays the passage of time though the point of view of two very unique characters. In the lives of the two main characters, who just happen to be rocks, decades pass in only seconds. The rocks worry more about the moss growing on their backs than on the humans that are building cities around them. Humans come and go in a matter of minutes in the rocks’ lifetime, and before the rocks can even understand the cities that man creates, they have disappeared into dust.

The way time was portrayed in the film was the most interesting part. Mostly, it was from the rock’s point of view, with years passing in seconds, but sometimes things would slow down to a human’s perception of time. It took me a minute to catch on to how the time worked in this film. It started in prehistory, and ended in what some might say is the future. The rocks watch as humans toil and even poke fun at them, because they know how everything will end. And sure enough within a matter of “minutes,” human civilization is gone.  This film definitely examines the impermanence of all we do. Even the strongest of human structures will disappear before the rocks will.

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