Forklift Driver Klaus

Posted on April 2, 2011


I had originally seen Forklift Driver Klaus in a high school German class many years ago, and it stuck with me. I often showed it to friends and we had a good laugh about it. But only after I watched it again did I consider it as a serious short film effort. Instantly the music and the instructional-video style of the film makes it funny, but only after the first accident occurs does the real fun begin. On his first day as a forklift driver, Klaus seems to be having a lot of problems. His day ends with a number of casualties and some really cheesy special effects.

The film makes fun of instructional safety videos that companies show to their employees. I think it makes a statement that in most cases, watching a video won’t necessarily prevent terrible accidents, but says this in a lighthearted way. I recommend this film to anyone who enjoys their movies with a whole lot of fake blood and gore.

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