Posted on April 8, 2011


Bela Tarr’s Prologue featured black and white visuals and a long, slow camera pan. In it, we see a line of people all waiting for something. It soon becomes apparent that they’re waiting for food. Considering this film was featured on a collection called “Visions of Europe,” I can’t decide whether this was a negative or positive portrayal of Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe suffered a lack of industrialization during the time of the Soviet Union, and a lot of the people who live there still feel those effects.  However, these people seemed patient and willing to wait for their food, which in turn portrays the people of Eastern Europe in the same way. However, there’s still an obvious message about universal poverty and the black and white of the film made it feel timeless, as if the same thing had been happening every day for many years. The woman handing out the food had more than enough to go around, so I think the strongest message is that good will come to those who persevere.

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