The European Showerbath

Posted on April 8, 2011


The European Showerbath by Peter Greenway was a very visually enticing and symbolic film. In it, various people with European flags painted onto them are showering together. The flags featured the most were those countries with the most power, the UK, France, Germany and a few others. The conclusion of this film could have quite a few different meanings. Some might say that the film represents the relationship between countries in the European Union. Not being a citizen of Europe, I’m not affected very much by the actions of the European Union, however I think the message in this film is quite clear.

As the people’s painted flags begin to wash off, it seems as though they’re losing their national identity. And towards the end, other countries try to join the shower. They have the flags of smaller European countries painted on them, and some of these countries are new inductees into the Union. However, as the water runs out, it seems to represent the sharing of resources among the people of the Union. The colors of the film were stunning and the darkness that surrounded the main action really made the viewer focus on what was happening in the film. It was definitely an interesting perspective on issues that I honestly don’t know much about.

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