100 Flowers Hidden Deep

Posted on April 11, 2011


100 Flowers Hidden Deep was another film that I enjoyed a lot. It was lighthearted while still being philosophical. The main character was an older man who came off as crazy. He asked a few younger men to help him move, but when they arrived at the location, there was an empty lot with nothing there. Still the man insisted that they needed to move his things and that he would pay them. So the younger men pretended to move the things that the older man asked, while laughing behind his back. The sound effects in this part of the film were really interesting, because while the objects that the men pretended to move were  “invisible,” they still made lifelike sounds. The older man seems quite distressed and nervous throughout the whole move, worried that his furniture was going to be harmed. He had a story about each piece of furniture, and seemed to really believe what he said.
Then while they are driving in the truck, the older man predicts exactly where a pothole will be. Amazed, the men watch as he picks up a bell from in the dirt. Suddenly, we see a three dimensional image of a house. This could be what the older man imagines his house to be like, or it could have been a house that had been there in the past and got destroyed. Either way, it was obvious that both generations of men gained more respect for the other. I thought the sound effects and the 3-D imaging made the film unique. The title gives the film an air of mystery, as if something really is buried beneath all the dirt at that empty lot.

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